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Hallelujah! The extension of the Sioux Falls mask “ordinance” was defeated!

Thank you to all the people who showed up at the meeting last night to speak out against it.

Here is a link to an article about the City Council meeting: Mask Mandate Extension Voted Down After Mayor TenHaken Breaks Tie

Several things stand out to me in this article:

1) There is no mention of these mask “ordinances” and other restrictions being unconstitutional and unlawful.

2) The government is NOT my doctor, yet there are a number of people on the City Council who think the big pharma health officials from Avera, Sanford Health, and the Health Department know what is best for everyone. Curt Soehl is the person who started all these mask mandates. His response to one of my first emails was that the CDC and local health officials say it’s so, so it must be true. He was unwilling to even consider other viewpoints from doctors, virologists, and other experts in the field.

3) There is no mention of any of the studies that say masks DON’T stop the spread of covid. Even the CDC put out a recent report saying as much. I have many studies, articles, and videos that show masks don’t work. (See the Mask Facts & Research topic on the Articles and Videos pages on this site.)

4) There is no mention of how harmful masks are. I sent them all a few links, and I have sent them information in the past on this issue. (See the same topic as listed above for more details.)

5) Mayor TenHaken had promised a Council member that he would vote to extend the mask mandate. Thankfully, he changed his mind. But, this is my point: these people often have their minds made up before they make decisions like this one. They don’t listen to the voice of We The People. And, they certainly do not consider sources other than the propagandized mainstream media.

6) Most of these people on the City Council are cowards. They are afraid to stand up for TRUTH and LIBERTY! “As the rest of the votes came toward a 5-3 defeat of the ordinance, Starr changed his vote to yes — a 4-4 tie.” Starr did not want to be the person responsible for defeating this ordinance, so he passed the buck. Too many people in SD in these kinds of positions do this often, including Kristi Noem.

We The People need to elect city council people who REPRESENT us!