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Just read this awesome article that speaks to what I have been saying about Kristi Noem. She is NOT to be trusted!

Here are some highlights:

Noem waxes eloquent about freedom, conservatism, and the Constitution, but when it came to voting, she was decidedly purple in her ideology and leadership within the House of Representatives. Contrary to conservative values, she voted for the bloated $855-billion Cromnibus spending package, voted against repealing federal biofuel and energy subsidy programs, voted against farm bill work requirements, voted against reducing funding for assistance housing programs, and voted against reducing funding for essential air service programs and other alternative energy requirements. However, she has been consistently pro-life and voted to bar funding of Obama’s policy to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, though at the time of this vote, she had an underwhelming 51-percent liberty score across the board.

Regarding voting scores, Heritage Action and Conservative Review gave her a failing grade of 58-percent lifetime liberty score. Compare this to Ted Cruz’s 91 percent, Rand Paul’s 89, and Mike Lee’s 96. The Club for Growth in 2017 gave her a lifetime score of 65 percent. Compare this to Justin Amash’s 99 percent, Andy Biggs’s 100 percent, and Jim Jordan’s 98 percent. The American Conservative Union in the same year gave her a lifetime average of 75 percent. Finally, Noem’s National Journal Composite Conservative Score, which was last recorded in 2013, was 27.5 percent.

During Noem’s many years in Congress, she held zero leadership positions on any committee or subcommittee. She succeeded sponsoring three bills (an Amber alert bill, an amendment to Title XI, and a peace and security act) that made it into law. The last piece of legislation is problematic — not so much because the law is overtly controversial — it had bipartisan support — but because of its focus and external support.

Additionally, the peace and security act wasn’t about liberty, limited government, conservative initiatives, or economic growth. It was about women. Having legislation about women isn’t intrinsically bad, but it does say something about your priorities when your most notable legislation as a woman is about women during an age of identity politics. It’s also revealing that the initiative was supported only by anti-conservative lobby groups.

In summary, Noem is a novice governor who has made some good decisions for her state during the pandemic and is able to give an attractive speech to conservatives. But she is a failed legislator when it comes to issues she says she supports; has proven herself in no leadership positions within Congress, where the mettle of national and international politics is truly tested; and is legislatively supported by groups that oppose everything conservatives hold dear.

Read the article: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/kristi_noem_for_president_not_so_fast.html

I will NEVER support Kristi Noem. I have seen her duplicitous actions firsthand. She says one thing in public and does totally the opposite in private.

Please do your own research instead of relying on other people’s opinion of her.