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I just sent the following email to Mayor TenHaken and all the Sioux Falls City Council members. Feel free to copy and use whatever you want of this message.

I am writing to urge you to discontinue the extension of the Sioux Falls mask ordinance.

Governments (or businesses, organizations, and schools) do not have the right to deny citizens their constitutional rights. And they do not have the right to discriminate against people who do not wear masks. Requiring people to wear masks and preventing entry to someone not wearing a mask violates the SUPREME LAW of the LAND:

U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment, Right to Assemble, Right to Freedom of Speech, Right to Religious Expression

U.S. Constitution, 4th Amendment, Right to Privacy

Federal Civil Rights Law (Title 11, Section 2000): https://www.justice.gov/crt/title-ii-civil-rights-act-public-accommodations

In addition, these mask ordinances violate a number of SD laws. The Sioux Falls City Council is NOT my doctor. You are violating South Dakota Codified Laws 22-40-1: Practicing medicine without a license.
Requiring someone to wear a mask is a medical intervention. Unless you are a licensed Medical professional, you have no authority to recommend such a practice. Further, a surgical mask is designated by the FDA as a “medical device.” You have no legal authority, responsibility, or liability to require that of either your customers or your employees. This class 1 misdemeanor carries the penalty of up to one year in prison, $2,000 in fines, or both.

No “emergency order” supersedes established law. Any “health order” related to mask-wearing is unlawful and unenforceable by law.

As a reminder there is a law that protects our constitutional rights, and there are severe consequences for people who violate our rights. It is called the Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law: https://www.justice.gov/crt/deprivation-rights-under-color-law.

In addition, masks ARE harmful to the health of adults, and especially the health of children. Are you prepared to be held liable in the future for the injuries that you have caused?

These are only a few of the health issues that may develop with wearing masks:

Masks may cause death: A 4-year-old child in Orange County DIED from reduced oxygen levels when wearing a mask. https://youtu.be/uker2P-s0yI

Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain: Masks adversely affect children’s brain, development, and learning. https://www.technocracy.news/german-neurologist-on-face-masks-oxygen-deprivation-causes-permanent-neurological-damage/

Masks compromise your immune system: Masks trap pollen, mold, and bacteria; and you are making yourself sick by breathing these in, along with toxic C02. https://youtu.be/F6B96XoBboc

Masks compromise your lungs: Masks are priming the lungs for inflammation and lung cancer pathology. https://science.news/2021-01-15-long-term-mask-use-breeds-microbes-lung-cancer.html#

PCR tests are inaccurate and were NEVER designed to diagnose, (per the inventor of this test).
Cases do not mean that a person actually has Covid-19. (They could have already HAD it.)
Covid-19 has a 99% recovery rate for people under the age of 70. (See the REAL statistics.)

It is time for you to stop trying to control the people of Sioux Falls with your fear. Informed citizens have the RIGHT to make their own decisions. And we have the God-Given right to BREATHE!

Vote NO on the extension of this mask ordinance.

A concerned and informed Citizen