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I keep seeing more and more people touting the virtues of Kristi Noem. Wake up, people! This woman is another deep state puppet. She supports her deep state puppet friend traitor Thune. And she supports local mask restrictions ALL OVER the state of SD. She never had to lockdown businesses because the sheep in this state did it all on their very own. Yes, many businesses shut down here, just like other places across the US. I saw it firsthand, and could not believe it!

Kristi Noem is a sly one..she passes the buck to local govts so they take the heat for all these unconstitutional and unlawful mask mandates. In a response from an email I sent her about how these restrictions were unconstitutional, she said that local govts, businesses, and schools have the RIGHT to pass mask mandates. NO, THEY DON’T. If Kristi truly supported the US CONSTITUTION and SD CONSTITUTION, she would NEVER make this statement.

I found a very interesting source online regarding the $$$$$ she has received for all of her successful campaigns. I wonder who Kristi Noem is beholding to?! She received over 17 million dollars!!

See the link below for more details.

Once again, I ask the question: How come people in SD are still dying from covid when we KNOW HCQ works?!!