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Below are the images that go with the excerpts from Laura Hubell’s letter:

“On April 2 The Governor’s Pharmacy Board declared that Hydroxychloroquine would NOT be used off label for Covid patients. S.D. just copied and pasted the narrative that was out there. South Dakota’s Pharmacy Board limiting HCQ (removed from the internet, see my picture) was verbatim that of Texas. Do you recall the uproar Texas had because they could not use HCQ? Why didn’t people cry out here? One doctor challenged the Covid response and temporarily lost her employment. No, Im not just talking Texas – that happened in South Dakota also.:”

See the SD Board of Pharmacy Memo banning the use of HCQ for covid patients: https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/SD-Pharmacy-Board-bans-HCQ.jpeg

See the TX Board of Pharmacy Memo (exactly the same verbiage): https://standupforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/TX-Pharmacy-Board-bans-HCQ.jpeg

Why didn’t people in SD STAND UP against this?! According to Lora, at least one doctor did, and temporarily lost her employment because of it.

UPDATE: It looks like the SD Board of Pharmacy rescinded this restriction on June 5, 2020. At least, that is what their website states. Why would they rescind the HCQ restrictions on the same day as the cancelation of the HCQ trials? This makes no sense at all, unless they are trying to hide the real date this restriction was rescinded, and simply posted June 5, 2020. https://doh.sd.gov/boards/pharmacy/.

In addition, approximately two months ago, a mother of an acquaintance of mine was told by Sioux Falls hospital staff she was not sick enough to get covid medication. This is exactly when HCQ should be administered, in the early stages.

And, why are people here in SD still being told by their doctors that HCQ doesn’t work, or that it has serious side effects?