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The masks are staying on, unless We The People STAND UP against this MADNESS!

Stop allowing Avera Health, Sanford Health, the South Dakota State Medical Association, South Dakota Nursing Association, and other healthcare organizations dictate your medical choices! Big Pharma has NEVER been about your health. It has ALWAYS been about BIG BUSINESS.

The government is NOT my doctor, and I will NEVER wear a mask, no matter what “law” they pass.

These “laws” are in direct violation of the LAW of the LAND – the US Constitution! Wake up, people!!

Read the article:
SB 125, Statewide Mask Mandate Moves to Senate Floor

Here are the people who need to be removed from office for voting for this unlawful and unconstitutional bill:

Sen. Blake Curd (R-Sioux Falls)
Sen. Mary Duvall (R-Pierre)
Sen. Red Dawn Foster (D-Pine Ridge)
Sen. Arthur Rusch (R-Vermillion)
Sen. V. J. Smith (R-Brookings)