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The following is an excerpt from a letter to Ken Crow from Lora Hubbel, Sioux Falls, SD, August 26, 2020

Who is Lora Hubbel
-former SD District 11 State House Member
-former Candidate for Governor of SD (Republican)
-Current Real Estate Broker/Owner of Great American Homes, LLC
-Residential Contractor
-Former Biology 7-12 Teacher/college instructor
-Registered Nurse
Married to Dr Timothy Hubbel for 41 years with 3 grown children and 4

“On April 2 The Governor’s Pharmacy Board declared that Hydroxychloroquine
would NOT be used off label for Covid patients. S.D. just copied and pasted
the narrative that was out there. South Dakota’s Pharmacy Board limiting HCQ
(removed from the internet, see my picture) was verbatim that of Texas. Do
you recall the uproar Texas had because they could not use HCQ? Why didn’t
people cry out here? One doctor challenged the Covid response and
temporarily lost her employment. No, Im not just talking Texas – that happened
in South Dakota also.:”

“But South Dakota got 190,000 doses of HCQ for a study to prove it’s
usefulness, so S.D. must allow the use HCQ? No. After the Pharmacy Board
declared that SD cannot use HCQ for Covid patients, the governor’s office
joined in a study with our 2 socialist ObamaCare ACO hospitals. This duopoly
of Sanford (google Sanford and Child Pornography) and Avera is almost the
only option for care in SD (thanks to Sen Tom Daschle, Kristi Noem’s

Truth is being released all around us. Are your eyes and ears open ready to see and hear? It is time.

Cindy Konopasek