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After reading the articles on all the businesses that are filing lawsuits against the cities, I had a thought. This is perfect. The more lawsuits the better to overwhelm the corrupt city governments to implode. As we transition to the New Republic all city, county, state, and national governments will be restructured and completely overhauled. Talk about about paying it forward.

Corrupt city governments like New York and Los Angeles, knowingly aided in the demise of these cities, in their role of implementing the “Great Reset”. For those of you not familiar with the Great Reset I recommend checking out the following link to the World Economic Forum. https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/. The World Economic Forum is a place where Christophobic globalists congregate to discuss plans to control the world. Don’t believe me. Check out the link and read.

It may appear as if this “great reset” is still being implemented, but it will not come to fruition. Evil is not going to triumph. Why? Because good men are doing something Because people like yourself are reading this post in Stand Up For Liberty. Patriots are standing up all over the land, just like these businesses that are bringing lawsuits against the perspective city governments. God is awakening the patriot within each and everyone of us.