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Today, I received another email from traitor Dusty Johnson on how he followed the Constitution when he voted for fraudulent electors from other states. Once again, he did not answer my question about free and fair elections.

Here is my response to him:

Thank you for your email.

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right. This did NOT happen in 2020.

The votes of We The People in SD were stolen from us. My vote, along with many other people’s votes, were discounted due to all the voter fraud and election interference that took place in the 2020 election.

Once again, you do not answer my questions:

When are you going to STAND UP for the TRUTH? And a FREE and FAIR Election?

Anyone who has done any kind of research KNOWS that this election was stolen from We The People and Donald J. Trump.

The evidence is everywhere on the internet. Why do you think big tech is taking down thousands of accounts across social media?! Why do you think they are censoring the conservative voices, the people who support President Trump?

Do your homework instead of listening to mainstream media lies and propaganda. Represent the VOICE of the people, not your own special interests.

Read the articles and documents that I sent you previously.

Here is a video with ACTUAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING that shows more evidence of voter fraud. Why are you unwilling to look into this issue?

You have betrayed your country and the people of South Dakota. You do NOT represent me or my voice, and you WILL be primaried and voted out of office. This is a PROMISE.

Feel free to use this message to send to the traitors in SD. The video referenced in this message is an excellent compilation of a wide variety of election fraud. The Epoch Times investigative team does an awesome job!