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Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. Anyone who has done any amount of research KNOWS that the 2020 election was stolen from We The People and President Trump. Mainstream media and the “courts” have tried to convince people that this is not the case. Why do you think that big tech is censoring and removing so many accounts across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram?! These are the accounts that are telling the TRUTH, showing the evidence of election interference and voter fraud.

Does it feel like you are living in the United States of America right now? When information is being manipulated and censored? When anyone who speaks out against the mainstream narrative is silenced, harassed, doxed, fired, arrested, canceled….whatever they can do to destroy your life, simply for speaking the TRUTH or supporting President Trump.

If you think this old man is the president of this country, you are mistaken. Yesterday was nothing more than a fake inauguration for a fake president for a fake government.

If you want to know the TRUTH about what this fake inauguration was like, check out Katie Hopkin’s article. She was there on the ground, observing it all, firsthand.

Read about Katie’s experience: I Watched Biden’s Inauguration First-Hand

Following are a few highlights:

“And all I can say as I stand here now in the freezing cold with a handful of others is that I hope America never has to see anything like this again. Nothing is as it seems. It is just horrible, in every sense.”

“There is no one here….”

“This should be an historical moment for the country. Instead it feels like an illusion, fabricated for the TV, right down to the made-for-TV flags and columns of light on the mall.”

“D.C. now feels like one giant stage built entirely for a drama of the Democrats’ own creation. I’d argue the troops are being used as bit-part actors, for crowd scenes and effect. If you wanted to create the illusion that the Trump administration turned America into a war zone, what better way than to make D.C. a green zone, build ramparts and blockades, and fill it with troops, trucks, and men with weapons?”

It’s time for you to do your own research.

Answer this question: How does the Constitution protect We The People against an illegitimate president and government?