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A group of about 80 or so Patriots showed up to the State Capitol in Pierre! There was no official organizer so we made it happen ourselves. A few people spoke, we said some prayers, yelled some chants, and sang some songs. Mostly, we STOOD UP and made our voices heard!

We were not allowed on the state capitol grounds (other than for a photo on the steps), since we did not have a permit (which had to be requested 10 days in advance). I find it interesting that We The People were not allowed on the grounds of our own state capitol. Doesn’t this building belong to We The People?! It’s time we take our country and our government back!! The government gets its power from the consent of the people. We DO NOT CONSENT to this corruption and lawlessness anymore!!!

Since we could not walk on the capitol property, we walked ALL the WAY AROUND the capitol and the governor’s mansion. We were visible to many vehicles on the street. And we were supported by many who honked their horns and yelled encouraging words.

Here is one photo from the event:

Pierre Capitol peaceful protest

Photo by Abby Wargo

This image shows only a portion of the larger group that was present. I am not going to post the article that goes with it….more of the same propaganda and lies. You can find it on the Capitol Journal website if you want to read it.

SD Trumpet on Facebook also posted some videos and photos from this event: http://www.facebook.com/SD-Trumpet-1378130172259038.