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Here is the local “news” article about this Stop the Steal event in Sioux Falls: http://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2021/01/02/sioux-falls-south-dakota-election-results-protest-event/4114374001

Notice how they continue to propagandize and lie about the election fraud and the Proud Boys group:

“Huff made it clear that this is not exactly about who the president is but about making sure the election is legitimate. These allegations have been found baseless and unproven by numerous courts of law.”

“Two speakers self-identified with the “Proud Boys,” a far right-wing group with a history of violent confrontations, and were acting as guards for the stage.”

Also convenient that they did not report anything about the 5 BLM people who showed up late and were swearing and yelling at a peaceful group of Trump supporters. It doesn’t fit the narrative for BLM, so they won’t report it, as usual.