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I am posting an article where the Governor of West Virginia implemented a mask mandate through an executive order with police enforcement. Governor Justice also stated, “The governor noted that if businesses refuse to order their customers to wear masks, “the next step will have to be closure.”

Many lawsuits were filed and Patrick Morrisey, District Attorney of West Virginia backed the lawsuits up with the following statement. “…Governor Justice just said that he does not “have the right to legislate or deem criminal charges on people.” We agree and elaborate further on this issue..Act responsibly and know we will use our constitutional authority to protect your freedoms and the due process you are afforded to the fullest extent the law allows.”

Another attorney involved with the lawsuit put it simply, “Governors have the ability to take you out of jail, it’s called a pardon. They don’t have the ability to put you in jail.”

Lawsuits defending the Constitution and the State Constitutions are happening every where. It is time we return to the law of the land and the Constitution.