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I just watched Peggy’s Video and it is one of the best she has done yet.

Min 1:45: “Your business is your property and you may not be deprived of your business without due process of the law.”

Min 2:30: How can Peggy Hall help Yankton:
1. Watch Peggy Hall’s free videos found here: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/business-help
a. Go to business help and click on online.
b. These are all free videos
2. Watch the online webinar “Open for Business”. It is excellent for both customers and business owners.
a. Cost is $39 and is worth every penny.
b. This also helps support Peggy as she is helping sooooo many people.
3. Personal Consultation
a. I have already purchased a consultation with Peggy Hall
b. Date: Monday Dec 21 2020 at 8 pm to 8:45 pm CT
c. This is for 10 people. I have 5 spots open
4. In Person Seminar Training
a. This would be great to have Peggy live on video and invite as many business owners as possible.
b. We need to do some leg work first to get people educated on the topic of their own business and
Constitutional rights.